visual effects

INTEL manage for excellence (MFX) TRAINING - (Immersive learning experience)

So what is this?

6 planets use the 6 Intel accent colors, 6 teams of managers, memorizing how to conduct yourselves effectively as a team only goes so far, experiencing it and applying it takes learning to a whole new level.

Immersive Tech:


Special thanks to Dan Sturm of A Source of Rice and Evan Sprague of Smash Digital for lending their creative talents to the production of some of the planet cycles and alien designs, respectively.

Intel Manufacturing Excellence Conference (IMEC) Opening video - (sequence)

For the conference theme "Making the Impossible Possible", the idea was for the viewer to become the creative individual behind these equations, who had ideas flowing freely from their imagination, and then... those ideas come to life.

 Embedded Computer Group (ECD) "I AM" - (sequence)

Concept: "I am / Intel is" the intelligence that enables the most advanced technologies to help us in our day to day lives. 

CGI Double - (Work in progress)

This is a CGI double test for my 2010 Camaro, created for a short film I’m working on that involves the destruction of my car.
The extra shaky cam was intentional to test the quality / ability of the camera tracker to lock down a shot.